Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Prayer for All of the Above

 She sat down and prayed...


I’m choosing to come to you right now. Not that I feel like it. Half of me feels like throwing up my hands and giving into selfish escapes (Facebook, Pinterest, Netflix, eating sweets, a nap). But You already know all of my favorite ones.  

The other half of me feels like putting my head down and charging ahead trying frantically to get the to-do list checked off. Knowing secretly, it’s impossible. And that I’ll make everyone around me miserable.

Didn’t I just throw a bunch of toys off the couch just to find a place to sit! How does the house fall apart so quickly? The kitchen sink is overflowing with dishes and the day isn’t even over. The playroom is a disaster. I’d pick it all up to feel better but then I think I’m teaching my kids nothing when I do their work for them. No bed in the house is made. I have no idea what I’m cooking for dinner and I think there is still food out from lunch. I could go on about folding the heap of laundry and finishing my Bible study for tomorrow.  And I can just see the day steaming rolling ahead with school pick-up, kid’s homework, dinner, followed by basketball practice and then a Park Board meeting tonight. It’s CRAZY!   

But I’m choosing to sit here and share my frazzled heart with you. Knowing that escapes won’t bring me peace. Knowing that even a clean house and the to-do list completed won’t bring me peace. Well maybe momentary peace but not the peace my thirsty soul craves.

So I lay this tangled mess before you. The ordinary messes of life that every women faces. Juggling all the responsibilities while trying not to look like a complete fool.  

Remind me of your truth. 
“I leave you peace. It is my own peace I give you. I give you peace in a different way than the world does. So don’t be troubled...” (John 14:27)
It’s not what I do or don’t accomplish today.  It’s not even who I am - frazzled or put-together. Those things will come and go like the tide in the ocean. But one thing doesn't change.  

I am yours.

I am your daughter.

I am loved.

And You say nothing can change that (John 1:12).

Thank you Lord for this truth.  Not that it cleans up the mess around me but is cleans up the mess in my heart.  

Help me to walk in this truth the rest of the day - whatever it holds.


She got up. Renewed and started with the dishes.