Thursday, June 19, 2014

Babydoll Party

My little Madie loves baby dolls.  She always has a doll in tow.  So I knew this had to be the theme for her 4th birthday party.

The Decorations
Pink polka-dots with a bit of vintage.  I got the party paper wears at a great discount online site.  I used to make the flower tissue puffs but you can get them in a two pack at hobby lobby for the same price at buying tissue paper.  So its a time saver.  I made the garland from dollies.  Just fold in half and string on baby yarn.  The baby clip art printables I ordered as a download from Esty.  I'm totally doing this again instead of trying to make my own.  I had never made garland with strips of fabric before.  It was cute but a bit time consuming. 

The Eats
I saw the watermelon baby carriage on Pinterest.  It was pretty easy to do if you have done a watermelon basket before.  You just use toothpicks to hold the wheels and handle in place.  I served a simple snack - fruit and animal crackers  (I had not had animal crackers in forever and could not stop eating them myself!)  Cupcakes were from the box - Strawberry.  I used to try homemade but they never seemed to be as good as the box.  Let me know if you have a great recipe! 

The Activities
I set up three stations that the our guest could play at with their baby dolls.  We also decorted "diaper bags" and had a stroller race.

The Favors
I made baby diapers from patterned felt and gave the guest baby doll bottles that said, "You're a doll! Thanks for coming to my party."

It was the sweetest party ever!  Madie loved playing babies with her friends and I loved watching the girls play too.  If you have a daughter who loves playing babies, I would totally recommend this party theme. 


  1. Where did you buy that darling RED PLAY KITCHEN ??? Pottery barn??? Thank you. ..loved this posting, I am planning a baby doll party for my soon to be 5 yr old daughter in about 10 days. Researching. ..thank you for your beautiful blog !!

  2. I love it! Planning a baby doll birthday party now. May I ask where you got the banner at the baby station and the label for the juice bottles? Am not very crafty so I copy some of you ideas. Thanks very much