Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hello Kitty Style

Just finished celebrating my oldest daughters Birthday - Hello Kitty Style.  What a blast we had this year.  Here are some of the fun things we did to celebrate.

Her birthday morning she awoke with shouts of delight at seeing the streamers hanging in her doorway.  Calling to her sister, "Its' my birthday!"
Five balloons to play with one for each year of her life.  Looking forward to doing this each year.  Wow that will be a lot of balloons when she is 18! That afternoon we opened gifts from family.  It was the first time I heard, "Mom, I always wanted one of these" and "This is the best birthday ever." I'm guessing it will not be my last.  Of course this warmed my heart knowing that she was trilled.  There is nothing better than blessing your children in tangible ways.  We also made her birthday cake together, Easy Ice-Cream Cake. 

Such a simple and kid-friendly recipe.  She chose the ice-cream and candy topping...skittles!  A little 'interesting' with mint cookie ice-cream.  But so fun that she got to choose.  We have a "you are special plate" that we pull out for celebrations.  Of course it always brings big smiles when it is placed on the table. 

Saturday we celebrated with friends from our church, school, and neighborhood.  The theme this year - Hello Kitty Salon.  Guests were styled and pampered with hair-dos and manicures.  
There were two stations Hair and Nails.  I picked up most of the supplies at the Dollar Store and Sally's beauty supply.  The girls loved getting pampered.  We even had fun washable, comb-in hair color.  
Coming up with decorations is my favorite part of party planning.  I used the party plates my daughter picked out as inspiration.  I scanned to our computer a Hello Kitty image from one of our many Hello Kitty coloring books.  I was able to use this to make the cup cake toppers and the Hello Kitty tin cans.  The garland is simply cup cake liners folded over a thin ribbon.   I made the flower like streamers with a large scalloped craft punch and scrap-booking paper.
The food was really simple crackers, cheese and strawberries.  The punch, Easy Party Punch, was a hit with the mom's as well as the kids.
There was also a photo booth for the girls to take pictures with each other complete with crowns and pink feather boas.  With 13 girls at the party it really went great.  I was concerned it would be craziness with hot curling irons and nail polish!  A BIG thank you to the moms who helped and two of our favorite babysitters who joined in on the fun too. 

I'm so thankful for times like birthday's to celebrate God's faithfulness and blessings in our lives.  James 1:7 tells us that every Good and Perfect gift is from God.  

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