Thursday, May 7, 2015

"No, I do it!"

The littlest is two and her favorite phrase is “No, I do it!” It’s typically accompanied by a glare and huff. Her whole expression declares that she is able so I should back off.  

I chuckled at her this morning while trying to get her dressed.  She proceeded to put on her own t-shirt while repeating over and over, “I doooo it.”  She struggled and struggled trying to get her head in the hole. Then her struggle turned to tears. “Help meeee!”  Mom to the rescue, I helped pop her head through the hole only to hear again say, “No, I do it!” Oh for the love of helping an independent two year old!  

As I reflected on her current stage of growing independence, I couldn’t help but see a glimpse of myself too.  She is learning independence but I’m learning dependance.  

That feeling of dependence is uncomfortable. We are so used to trying and striving. And we have spent our lives learning how to do it on our own. Jesus says something different.

He says come to Him when the world says go it alone.
He says rest in Him with the world says don’t be weak.
He says trust in Him when the world says you can only trust yourself.

If I had never known my own independence or if I had never seen my strength fail, I would have never seen my desperate need for dependence on Him.  

It’s at the end of myself that I look up and see that I have an ever-present Savior who is ready and willing to help me in my weakness. Just like I wait willingly and patiently to help my struggling two-year old, He is willing and patiently waiting to help me.  

This growing dependence on Jesus is part of every believer's journey. One that we will keep learning until the day we are home heaven.  

The choice is mine. Will I call on Him moment by moment throughout today? Or will I battle through on my own? Peace, rest, joy, hope, all these overflow in us when we walk hand in hand with Jesus.
"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." Psalms 46:1