Thursday, May 23, 2013

Umbrella Protection

We do not get much rain here.   In fact annually is 7.10 inches!  Needless to say we do not use umbrellas much here.  A couple months ago my little family vacationed in Portland.  Now there we needed an umbrella.   A whooping 37 inches a year.  Without one you are sopping wet.  That umbrella gives the right amount of protection -- just like our husbands. 

Recently, I encountered a situation in which discernment was much needed.  But I thought that I had everything under control and did not need any input on how to proceed with decisions to be made.  Insert mistake.  Two are always better than one and plans fail for lack of counsel (Ecclesiastes 4:9 & Proverbs 15:22)

Yet to my surprise things began to unravel.  I got flustered, overwhelmed, and annoyed.  My husband made a comment insinuating that he'd seen it coming.  When did you make me aware of your concerns I retorted.  He remarked, "While you were waving your hand saying it would be no big deal."  Geeezzzz!

Lesson learned or trying to learn.  God has given my husband a great big picture perspective on things.   That is why He put us together.  I fly high and he keeps me tethered.  My hubby has an engineering brain which keeps life simple and efficient.   Getting his input is wise.  So why didn't I run things by him.  In my pride, I stepped out from under his protective cover.  Had I taken the situation to him I'm pretty sure I would have not ended up in a pickle.  

Can you picture your husband as your protective umbrella? 

Colossians 3:18 says Wives submit to your husbands as fitting for those that belong to the Lord.    

Wince.  That word submit.  Interestingly, in the Greek the word submit is made up of two words.  The first is under and the second to arrange.  Submit means to arrange under.  It is simply to place myself under my husband.   It is NOT my nature to do this.  Is it really any women's in our society?  But this is what God's word tells me to do. 

Surely Jesus there are exemptions?  Like what if I don't trust him, or he's clueless, or....ummm....that is when I remembered the last half of the verse.  "As fitting for those who belong to the Lord."  I'm a Jesus girl so no exemption.   I'm choosing to place myself under my husband out of my love and obedience to Jesus.  

When we submit, we live under our husbands protection.  There is blessing here.  I missed out on some blessings looking back.  We could have grown in our trust for one another, I would have avoided trouble, and I could have blessed him with my respect. 

This situation was not a BIGGY.  But I want to learn lessons on the easy ones, not the major ones.  I know you do too.  Here are some practical questions I can ask myself to see if I'm staying under the protection of my husband. 

Questions to ponder:
Do I ask my husband what his thoughts are on a particular situation?
Do I place a high priority on his to do list?
Do I respect his boundaries for our schedule, money or friendships?
Do I run my ideas by him?
Do I follow through on what he has asked me "to do"?

Jesus, thank you for the protection you give me through my husband.   By your Spirit help me to respectfully submit to him.   Amen

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