Wednesday, August 20, 2014

She Just Needed a Rest...

There comes a moment when you just know that all your child needs is a nap.  That happened recently with my littlest, she is almost two.  

The meltdown started about 9:00 in the morning.  Back and forth she went between tantrums or wanting to be held.  About an hour into this, I knew, what she was ready for a nap even through her normal nap time is not until after lunch.  

I headed to the nursery and got her settled into my lap with pacy and blankey.  It was quiet. It was dark. (Thankfully her two big sister were playing sweetly at this moment!)   As I sang and rocked, I could feel her little body begin to relax.  Yes rest would come. It was time.

And I prayed...

This past few months have been very difficult.  I’ve been overwhelmed with just even the normal routines of life.  My hubby took a new position at work recently and has been gone more.  The three kids are still little.  That baby, now almost two, is BUSY.  Those are the obvious challenges, but it’s bigger than just the obvious.  Honestly, “I just can’t handle any more.”  And in my pride, I hate admitting that.  

“Lord what do you have for me right now?”

Tears sting my eyes.  

“I am just so overwhelmed. The busy fall schedule is coming and there are things to say yes to.”
And in the quiet moment the Lord whispered to my heart.

“It’s time for a rest.”

Yes I need rest - not more - just rest.  My emotions and actions like my sweet toddler’s are saying, “It’s time to rest.”  I’ve been throwing a bit of my own tantrum.   I’ve been harsh with the girls and rude to my hubby.  And just like my sweet toddler it’s now time to rest.

So I made the call to say no to some things.  My heart is filled with peace knowing I’m going to get the rest that I need for this season.  

The world around us tell us don’t stop--don’t rest.  We idolize work.  We are addicted to busy.   

When I called to say no to an opportunity to lead and serve, my friend said, “Sometimes God gives us strength to serve and other times He calls us to rest.”  

For this season I’m choosing a rest.  And I’m hopeful, I know that rest refreshes and strengthens for the coming season ahead.

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”  Matthew 11:28

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