Friday, October 24, 2014

Crafting for Fall

Crisp cool air, round pumpkins, hot cider, changing leaves...I love fall! I always look forward to making my home look ready for fall too. Here are a few of the crafts I've been adding to our home.

This small Harvest banner is strung in our dinning room.  I made it of burlap, scrap fabric and twine.  I used fusible interfacing to add the letters.

I love this little pumpkin patch. I clipped branches off our three to make the stems, added floral wire for the vines and felt leaves.  The Pumpkin is simply gathered fabric and filled with Poly-Fill.  Check out this link for an easy tutorial.

Thank you Pinterest for free printable from other creative gals! Click here. I had my hubby cut out a piece of MDF board for me and then I just decoupaged the printable onto the board. Simple and looks great on our mantel.

This was probably my favorite project and it didn't cost anything since I used scrap fabric. After sewing a long rectangular pocket, I painted on these words with black fabric paint.  Then I just stuffed it with Poly-Fill and sewed closed. 

What have you been crafting up this fall? 

Happy crafting!

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