Thursday, June 20, 2013

Under the Sea - She Turned 3

Oh my goodness, my sweet baby is three!  I just cannot believe it.  I keep pinching myself.  Of course since this spunky monkey is my second, I (like a many moms) have fallen into the "2nd child traps."  You know, less pictures and more hammy-downs.   I was determined to make her birthday a big bash or more like a big "splash" this year.   This was her first real party.  The theme -- Under the Sea. 

Thank goodness team Papa and Nana came to help!  It was all hands on deck setting up.  We had four play areas for all the kids.
We borrowed the water slide from our neighbors, a big THANK YOU. 

Pools from Walmart, pails and shovels from Dollar store, shells from Hobby Lobby
The signs I painted from a large leftover cardboard box.  Fun sticky letters made these signs easy and cute. 
I had so much fun planning the decor for this party.  The back drop for the food table was just a bunch of streamers, blue and teal.  Some of them I sewed together.  This creates a fun wavy look.  I also made bubble garland to hang on the pergola.  I punched circles and taped them onto fishing line.  On the back sides of a few of the circles I glued tin foil.  

 All the kids showed off their kissy, fishy faces.

What's a fun party without fun food.  Keeping it simple, we had hotdogs, chips, fruit salad, and veggies.  I severed the sides in fun pails with shovels.  The "ocean" punch was blue kool-aid, lemonade, and ginger ale.  I don't know much about cake decorating and having a cake decorated can be $$ so... I got a Costco cake (the best) and decorated it with fun ocean stickers.  Of course, I made sure they were off before we passed out slices. 

The party was a splashing success.  Not only for the kids but for the adults too!  The kids were all so busy playing that we actually got to eat and complete our sentences.  So thankful for my family and friends to celebrate another child and another year older.  Hope these are helpful ideas if you have an under the sea birthday rolling your way.

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