Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chalkboard Tags

Cute and practical that sums up these little chalkboard tags.   I recently had a built-in bookcase installed for our playroom.  It has been a wonderful addition to the space.   Under the window, I had a bench made with cubies.  At IKEA, I purchased some inexpensive wicker baskets.  They were perfect for adding a natural texture.   Of course they weren't complete without labels!   I decided to go with chalkboard tags so I can change them up later on.  

Whatcha Need:
  • Wooden tags
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Craft ribbon
  • No fray glue
  • Chalkboard markers or chalk
Whatcha Do:
  • Paint each tag with chalkboard paint and allow to dry.  I appiled three coats. 
  • Add ribbon to tie the tags onto your baskets.
  • Add glue to the ends of the ribbon so they don't fry. 
  • Write or draw on each tag.    

The moment of truth came when my daughter was cleaning up with her Daddy.  She proudly reminded him that there are pictures on the baskets so we know where to put toys.  Sweet success! 

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