Sunday, September 11, 2011

So long 20’s…30 is not looking so bad…

Thirty is here.  Just an ordinary part of life but in some way it seems like a turning point. 

This past year, since the birth of my second daughter, I have struggled with my health both physically and emotionally.  It has rocked my world…my faith.  It is these “trials” that unsettle us which can bring about the best fruit. 

Of the many “growing opportunities” this past year, I share with you my most recent "Ah Ha" moment.  My body and energy levels are definitely NOT what they were in my early 20’s.  Because I had so much “extra” energy I could afford to be sloppy.  Sloshing my energy where ever I wanted.  But now my energy is a commodity.  What will I spend it on or what will I stop wasting it on?  One big thing stands out today (I’m sure more to come) I will not waste it on WORRYING! 

I spent my 20’s overreacting to a lot of things.  Worrying…fretting over things outside of my control.  Examples:  Will my daughter reach that next milestone? Will I get it all done? Will that relationship ever find reconciliation?  Will I ever get better?  Kids, spouse, family, friends, money, home-making…you name it and I have probably worried about it.  I’ve decided that it is such a waste of my energy. 

Jesus has already told me not to worry (Matthew 6).  I can’t change anything by worrying.  I simply just waste my energy.  Jesus tells me to seek Him and everything else will fall into place (Matthew 6:33).   He knows my needs and will perfectly provide for them in His timing. 

So “hello” 30!  Cheers to a new “less worry” journey ahead.

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