Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kids Art Center

Another playroom project complete.  Woot!  I have been wanting to do this one for sometime.  We were running out of space in our playroom so getting the art easel up off the floor was on my "Gotta do" list.

Our easel was a gift from Papa and Nana.  (Yeah for awesome grandparents.)  It was kinda of like this one.  I could not find our exact one online.  It was a Costco find a couple years ago.

I went to work with the tools and took it all apart.  Once I got it un-assembled, I laid it out on the wall, measured and marked distances.  I mounted the chalk board, dry erase board and paper holder on a half wall which over looks our homes entryway.  I had to drill holes in the top of each board in order to hang them.  All I used to mount them was drywall anchors and screws.

I used Command hooks and Dollar Store tins to create art bins.  Did you know there are "washable" dry erase markers.  They do not work as well as the "real" ones but "permanent" and kids don't mix. 

I am super happy with how this project turned out.  I should also note that I did all the installing myself!  I only give my hubby credit for doing one screw.

This is a great project which utilizes space better.  Check out Craigslist for listings on easels.  I just saw one for $20! 

Happy project making!

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