Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wipe me down and clean me up - Bathroom Bust

Who does not love a clean bathroom?  I sure do.  Something about walking into the smell of CLEAN.  But the art of cleaning is something I have had to learn and am still learning.  I did NOT step into marriage knowing how to keep my home clean efficiently or effectively.  I knew some things but I was more a "take care of it as you go" kinda girl.  And, I still have a lot to learn.  With now three kiddos in toe, keeping up with cleaning can be overwhelming at times.   So here are a few bathroom cleaning secrets (learned from other wise women) to keep my sanity.
  • First (Most Important) - Do it every week!  Really!  I know that may sound terrible but if you do it every week it never gets really dirty.  This eliminates that overwhelming fright of toilet scum.  Also it make your bathroom super fast to clean.  
  • Second - Have all your supplies in EACH bathroom.  (Thank you mom!)  Yes, really if you have two bathrooms double up.  If you have three triple up.  This make everything so handy.  Here is what I keep in my bathroom totes and under the sink.
    • Windex
    • Toilet bowl cleaner
    • Toilet bowl brush
    • Paper towel
    • Swiffer duster
    • Disinfecting cleaning wipes
    • Swiffer wet pads
    • Magic eraser
    • Small garbage bags
  • Third - Always clean on the same day of the week.  For me that day is Monday.  My house always seems to fall a part over the weekend.  I love starting off the week with a clean house.  Also our family activities seems to get busier as the week progresses.  Cleaning day has become a standing appointment at my home and I do my best not to book things on that day.  So if you come by my home on a Monday, You'll probably find clean smelling bathrooms.
  • Fourth - Establish a rhythm.  Clean that bathroom the same way every time.  This makes it SO much faster to clean.  Here is my bathroom wipe down. 
    • Shake out rug and remove
    • Clean inside toilet bowl
    • Spray and clean mirror
    • Wipe off sink
    • Wipe off toilet
    • Wipe out tub
    • Quick Dust
    • Remove Trash
    • Mop floor if need.
So today I cleaned all of my three bathrooms in 15 minutes!  This is a once a week job for me.  I had all my supplies in each bathroom and I did it just the way you see above.

Every homemaker has their different "biggies."  If bathrooms is one of yours that overwhelms you to the point where you put it off...and off...and off...and you have not tired these four ideas, then I'd encourage you to try them out for a month.  I don't think you will be disappointed and you'll have a new house cleaning habit in place. 

You Should Know:
I absolutely HATE cleaning the master shower.  I delegate this job to my hubby.  It is the only thing he cleans and I am oh so happy to turn it over to him.

Happy bathroom cleaning!

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