Monday, July 1, 2013

Nature Explorers

Went camping this weekend.  Whew...  What a blast with friends from our Grow Group, but oh what pile of laundry I had for today.  We had 13 little campers under the age of six!  As you can imagine we were busy keeping everyone accounted for and entertained.

Toys and snacks can only last for so long, so us mommies took our munchkins on Nature Adventure.  Brilliant moments always seem to come to me at the last minute.  Each explorer received one sandwich size zip-lock, of course because that was all I had in the camper.

With baggies in hand, we instructed the nature explorers that they would be on the hunts for five things. 
  1. A big leaf
  2. A small leaf
  3. A flower
  4. A pretty rock
  5. Something interesting
Off we went around the camping ground with our little brood.  With a little encouraging, most were highly engaged and on the hunt to fill their bags.   Minus the one year old who fell asleep and my little 3 year old who whined the entire time.  The walk opened the doors to celebrate the wonders of God's creation.  I loved hearing the kids exclaim, "Look what I found" or "Wow this pretty!"  For little ones the wonder of creation still excites them.   Oh that I would have the same heart.   I am making this Nature Adventure a must on our next camping trip.

Happy Nature Exploring.

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