Sunday, July 14, 2013

The River - It Never Changes

We were counting up the times that we have rafted the Deschutes River in Maupin, Oregon.   We have rafted for the past 10 years.  Okay that is craziness! 

As we rafted again this year,  I reflected on the past 10 years.   Many things have changed.  My first year I was just dating my hubby and new to our group of friends.   I had NEVER rafted before and was a bundle of nerves.  I screamed a lot out of sheer terror that year.  Two years later I was married and full of excitement to be back on the river.  I knew what to anticipate and probably still screamed as much but out of excitement this time.  The years that followed brought babies to the experience.  There is something about having a child to care for and protect that changes a mommies level of daredevil.  Mine has waned with each babe!  We have experienced some rough water over the years.  I've fallen out more than once.  So I am content to stay back at the camp and watch the kiddos.   Although I still do go on the river but not without having to psych myself up first.

New friends come each year.  New memories are made.  But the river never changes.  The bends always stay the same.  There is a familiarity that is met every year.  I love it!

It reminded me of our Heavenly Father who does not change (James 1:17) Like the song that is sung on the radio,  He stays the same through the ages. 

We can count on life changing.  Styles, technology, jobs, homes, health, children, families, friends and on we could go.  There will always be the unknown that lies ahead.  There will always be new challenges to face.  He stays the same.

His Love
His Grace
His Mercy
His Forgiveness
His Truth 

But I have to know the River.   I have to know Him.  That takes going back over and over again.  It means building a relationships with my Heavenly Father.  And that can only be done by seeking Him and allowing Him to hold my heart completely.

So I'll go back to His Truth and His Words over and over again.  To know Him.  Life will change but He is the one who never changes.   That is Hope and Peace for the changes ahead. 


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